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Sunday Times gives 5 stars to Sparta RX in electric bike review


Electric bikes will get you where your going no sweat!

Electric bikes give the freedom of two wheels and cheap commuting without the red face at the end of the journey. Gavin Brett saddles up five of the best and gives the Sparta RX electric bike five stars and “BEST BUY” award.

Sparta RX Electric Bike



Sparta electric bike made in holland

The RX Plus electric bike from Sparta, based in that cycling mecca, Holland, offers five electric power modes and 24-speed manual gearing. It was the most comfortable to ride of the bikes we tested. There are three capacities of battery available, offering ranges from 45 to about 100 miles, but in practice you can safely opt for the smallest model because all feature “auto-charge”. More familiar to Formula One fans and Driving readers as regenerative braking, or Kers, this uses motor resistance to recharge the battery as you slow down, boosting its life by up to 30%. It’s not the only clever technology: LED lights are built in and can be turned on from the handlebars or set to come on automatically; “park assist” gives a small twist of e-power to help the bike up curbs or steps when you’ve dismounted; and the speedo is digital.

Sparta electric bike display and electronic immobiliser

The Sparta RX Plus may look staid but select full power mode and the drive from the 250W motor delivers truly exceptional speed from the off.

Verdict: If James May rode and electric bike this would be the one. And yet still it’s awesome!


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