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London TimeOut Electric Bike Review

“…Like cycling with a Jetpack! “


TimeOut editor Simone Baird takes to London streets on one of Justebikes Dutch electric bikes…

 “For someone who is not a courier or even an enthusiastic cycling amateur, I felt incredibly snotty about reviewing this electric bike. After all, if you’re going to cycle, then cycle. An electric bike in London? For wimps scared of getting a motorbike.

I cycle solely for speed: it’s the quickest way to get from Shoreditch into Central London and back again each day.

Despite Boris Bikes easily doubling a tanks – what they lack in speed and agility, they make up for by being able to sail over any pothole a neglectful council can throw at me – I’ve found they’re even more convenient than my own admittedly  fairly average hybrid.

When I collected the electric bike, I was too embarrassed to even turn it on until practically home. Cycling something that would surely sound like a small lawn mower? I’d never be able to show my face again. As a traditional bicycle, it was decent: loads of gears plus two outstanding brakes. The seat was comfy but there are others more suited to erm, ladies.

One street from home, I leaned down to the black box, hit the small button… and flew like the wind. There was no noisy motor – barely a futuristic-sounding hum – but gosh damn and hold tight, how fast I went.

I was still cycling – if you take your feet off the pedals they stop – but now I was cycling with a jetpack. The bikes assistance seemed to cut out around the 17mph mark and I still worked up a sweat. I was simply able to get to top speed very, very quickly.

Verdict: London on an electric bike:

I took the electric bike out thinking I’d heap derision on it. But I loved it and consistently shaved seven minutes off a 22-minute commute. Although cycling that fast might sound worrying, I found it felt safer: the bikes acceleration put me on a par with traffic behind me. Best of all? Arsey couriers were left in my wake!