Mando Footloose IM arrives in UK

Mando Corporation have announced the availability of its second generation chainless e-bike, the Mando Footloose IM, in the UK. Available now from

The e-bike has been named 2015 winner of the Red Dot and Good Design awards.

The new model offers a streamlined design with a removable battery for easy charging, plus a plastic-covered aluminum frame that comes in red, white, lime, dark blue and dark grey. The frame houses the bike’s mechanisms and cabling for a minimalist appearance.

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The retail price is £1,999

The company say that the new IM model “contains all the advanced capabilities of its original cousin, including the breakthrough chainless Series Hybrid Technology that powers the wheels with its internal 250 watt motor.”

Although the new Footloose IM model loses the ability to fold, Mando Corporation say that the bike is “an ideal urban commuter”. Weighing just over 21Kg, the Mando Footloose IM sports a 36-volt, 8.2Ah rechargeable lithium-ion removable battery pack that will deliver up to a 60km (37 mile) maximum range. There is no mechanical connection between the cranks and rear wheel. Instead, they are connected by an alternator, which recharges the battery powering the 250-watt rear hub motor.

“I feel like we’ve raised the bar again with the Mando Footloose IM. We’ve tweaked some of the design and performance features to make it even more ergonomically appealing and user friendly,” said Mark Sanders, who has headed up the design of both Mando e-bikes.

Mando Footloose bikes come with their “Electronic Control Unit (ECU)” which is the bike’s central control unit, regulating and monitoring speed, assistance levels and battery level.

Mando footloose electric bike display

The handlebar-mounted colour display, or ‘dashboard,’ is described as their Human Machine Interface (HMI), which is a removable smartphone-sized unit. Controlling assistance as well as providing fitness information and battery level, removing its detachable head also locks the bike. Without a drivetrain, this renders the bike unusable as a security measure.

Built-in LED flashers on the back of the seat provide additional safety, as well as high-performance front and rear disc brakes.

South Korean Mando Corporation have been developing and supplying brake, suspension and steering systems in the auto parts industry for over 50 years.

The Mando Footloose IM is available immediately and information on where to buy can be found at or visit