The first fleet of electric pizza delivery bikes in London are ready to roll!

London electric bikes for food deliveryJustebikes of Portobello Rd are supplying pizza chain Basilico with customised Dutch Sparta e-bikes to deliver their pizzas.

As the Mayor of Paris announces radical plans to ban diesel cars from the French capital by 2020 and expresses a desire to strictly limit the number of four-wheeled vehicles in the French capital’s historic center due to concerns about pollution, London policy makers are also debating how best to address the level of pollution in central London.

basilico pizza electric bike

One London based company, restaurant chain Basilico, is showing the way when it comes to low emission vehicles. They have just taken delivery of the first in a fleet of electric pizza delivery bikes for their new Marylebone store. Owner Geoff Parsons says “We will be looking at rolling out the use of electric bikes and scooters for future openings and possibly re-fleeting our existing stores. We see this as a way of reducing pollution and running costs at the same time.”

basilico Sparta ebikes

The bikes are supplied and maintained by Portobello Road based Justebikes. “We’re evangelical about e-bikes,” says James FitzGerald, founder of Justebikes “and believe they hold the key to the future of urban transport. Of course e-cargo bikes can deliver all manner of things, not just pizzas! They’re silent, have a very low environmental impact, and can travel about 900 miles for the cost of a first class stamp. They’re a great way to keep cities moving and address air quality issues. The German government already invests in e-cargo transportation, and even UPS is delivering by electrically assisted cargo bikes in six German cities. We hope that as people begin to look again at how to make our cities more livable we’ll see this kind of bike transportation in urban centers continuing to grow.”

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