Boris Johnson plans to give police electric bikes that ‘can climb stairs’

Boris Johnson is planning to give London’s Met Police electric mountain bikes that can climb stairs and help them catch criminals.

By Alice Philipson of The Daily Telegraph

The London Mayor believes the bikes will “keep the police one step ahead” when trying to catch perpetrators of crime.

Mr Johnson says the bikes go over rough ground much faster than normal bikes go over tarmac and he also claims they can climb stairs.

The HaiBike eQ Xduro FS model, similar to those Mr Johnson is looking at, is currently on sale online at . It is described on the website as the “ultimate off-road electric bike”.

In a document outlining the mayor’s vision for cycling in the capital, the mayor’s office said it was seeking funding for “a trial of the latest all-terrain, full-suspension electric mountain bikes with the Metropolitan Police.”

It continued: “These bikes go over rough ground faster than a normal bike goes over tarmac, and also climb stairs. With criminals increasingly using (ordinary) bikes, e-bikes will keep the police one step ahead.”

The HaiBikes being considered have an aluminium frame, containing ‘hydroforced tubes’, and 26-inch wheels with air suspension. The bike is powered by a 36-volt, 250-watt motor and comes with two hydraulic disc brakes.

The bikes weigh just 20.5kg.

Electric bikes are popular in European countries such as the Netherlands and Germany, where up to a fifth of new bicycles sold are powered by a battery.

The plans are part of a £913m scheme to encourage cycling in the capital, which will see 15 miles of segregated cycle ways built across London and some major roads reduced to 20mph.

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