What are the benifits of replacing cars with e-bikes for short distance commuting?

Norman Baker pictured above doesn’t understand e-bikes

Last year we surveyed 43’000 public and private sector workers. 9’445 (22%) live within 5 miles of their workplace and commute by car each day. If 22% of the UK working population commuted on an electric bike instead of a car it would save £11 billion and 3.8 MtCO2e per annum.

 All would benefit from the reduction in Greenhouse gas emissions. The financial benefits are split between  three beneficiary groups: State; Employer; Employee (see graphic above).

 Last week we met with the transport minister Norman Baker and policy advisors from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) at the DfT’s offices in London to make the case for electric bikes as an alternative to cars for short distance commuting and local travel. Further research is now underway and implementation plans are being prepared for the minister’s consideration. 

If you have any thoughts on how e-bikes could play a greater role in the UK’s transport policy please let us know. James FitzGerald