Customer Reviews

John. N, Cornwall, HAiBiKE All Mountain


James, now I can say ‘nice to do business with you’.

Thank you for your trip and time today. After you had gone , had a quick lunch and met up with my usual Thursday afternoon crowd at 1400 and we completed over 19 miles in freezing winds and heavy , thick mud along with the usual hills both up and down (mostly up in Cornwall!) and I can say that it was the most enjoyable ride I have had in ages. The Haibike electric mountain bike performed as you said it would and I didn’t even get out of ‘tour’ mode except to briefly try ‘sport’ and ‘turbo’. Once i get really used to this one I shall feel that I have gone back years in my ability. My mates were extremely impressed and all had a go so I reckon they will be after one as well sometime. Not sure about the pedals and will probably go back to my clip ins. Should have taken your advice and used the ones provided ’til I knew what I wanted to do – you live and learn even at my age. The bike got really lagged with mud so washed it down as I normally do but got round to reading the bumf in the evening and it doesn’t really say the best way to clean apart from not using a power wash (which I don’t do anyway) – any tips? Hope your trip back went well and the guy in Bristol is as pleased as I am. May see you again in the future on that trip to Suffolk Margaret mentioned – could easily pass by one of the shops.

All the best, Regards, John N.