Sparta M8i Stepthrough

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Sparta M8i E-BIKE

The M8i e-bike comes with all the usual high-tech features Sparta’s products are renowned the world over for, such as powerful silent torque sensing 80Nm motor, built in automatic lights plus the wonderful ‘Amsterdam’ riding position.

If you’d like a test-ride please call in at our London, Leicester or Suffolk branches, or email to arrange a date.



Motor Power
Battery Location
Rack Mounted
< 140
Battery Chemistry
and Capacity

Li-Pol, 600 Wh
(36 Volt x 17Ah)

600 36 17

Electric bike frame size guide

Inside leg range Frame size
24 - 29" (61 - 74cm) 14" (35.56cm)
25 - 30" (64 - 76cm) 15" (38.1cm)
26 - 31" (66 - 78cm) 16" (40.64cm)
27 - 32" (69 - 81cm) 17" (43.18cm)
28 - 33" (71 - 84cm) 18" (45.72cm)
29 - 34" (74 - 86cm) 19" (48.26cm)
30 - 35" (76 - 88cm) 20" (50.8cm)
31 - 35" (79 - 88cm) 21" (53.34cm)
32 - 37" (81 - 94cm) 22" (55.88cm)
33 - 37" (84 - 94cm) 23" (58.42cm)

Sparta M8i Stepthrough

The SPARTA M8i Stepthrough electric bike is simple and easy to operate. The build quality of this pedigree Dutch machine is excellent. It features maintenance-free 8 speed Shimano Hub gears, a fully enclosed chain, and its light-weight Li-Ion battery can be recharged on the bike or unlocked and removed to recharge in the home or hotel. A great choice for men and women with serious hills to summit and an aversion to crossbars!




Sparta have always been ahead of the competition when it comes to security:

Electronic Security: Before the Sparta can be sold the owner’s details must be stored electronically in the motor, the battery, and the handlebar-mounted LCD display unit. These details are also recorded by us, by Sparta in Holland, and stored on the European cycle database. Once the bike has been registered in this way the large clear display unit acts as an electronic immobiliser – simply un-clip it from the handlebar and the Sparta’s battery and motor are disabled. In practice this feature – unique to Sparta e-bikes – renders the e-bike of near zero value to knowledgeable cycle thieves …so they leave it just where you left it.


The multi-function back-lit LCD handlebar display shows the following information:

  1. total mileage
  2. trip distance
  3. selected assistance level
  4. battery charge status
  5. remaining range
  6. speed
  7. average speed
  8. time and date
  9. temperature

Mechanical Security: A hardened steel mechanical ‘ring-lock’ is secured to the frame just beneath the saddle (thieves would have to cut this Sparta in half to pinch it!). If the Sparta is going to be left unattended for longer periods a bayonet chain (optional) can be plugged into the frame’s ring-lock enabling the Sparta to be secured to a railing or cycle stand. The mechanical ring-lock’s key is also used to lock the battery securely in position.

With their built in mechanical and electronic immobilisers Sparta have always been ahead of the competition when it comes to security.

Un-professional thieves that aren’t familiar with Sparta’s advanced security systems are flummoxed by the built in mechanical locks. In eight years only one of our London customers has had their Sparta stolen – once the thieves realised they couldn’t break the e-bike’s mechanical locks and were unable to make the motor or battery work they dumped it. The police soon discovered it and entered the Sparta’s frame number into the European cycle database. The Sparta in question was delivered to the owners door by the police 4 days later


Key Features:

  • Silent powerful hub motor
  • Built-in electronic and mechanical security with alarm
  • Connected via GSM
  • Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub gears.
  • 5 power assistance levels.
  • Power Boost and Park Assist throttle
  • Roller brakes (anti-lock brakes) fitted front and rear for optimal safety.
  • Full mudguards and fully enclosed chain.
  • Built-in front and rear lights
  • Sturdy side stand fitted as standard
  • Tool-less adjustable handlebars
  • Sprung seat post
  • Head-stock front suspension


The M8i Connect has bright lights front and rear that come on automatically low light levels.

Should you every have a flat battery the motor turns into a dynamo automatically to power both lights. Its aluminium frame is reassuringly sturdy, and the combination of gel filled Selle Royale seat, sprung seat post, and clever head-stock front suspension ensure maximum rider comfort whether on road or exploring bumpy tracks and rural paths.


Front and rear lights are powered by the main battery and switch on automatically (if you every have a flat battery the motor switches roles and turns into a dynamo to power them). This model also features a POWER BOOST THROTLE for fast acceleration from junctions and PARK ASSIST function to help you climb steep ramps or stairs. – See more at:
Front and rear lights are powered by the main battery and switch on automatically (if you every have a flat battery the motor switches roles and turns into a dynamo to power them). This model also features a POWER BOOST THROTLE for fast acceleration from junctions and PARK ASSIST function to help you climb steep ramps or stairs. – See more at:

Dependable maintenance-free roller-drum brakes front and rear give effective and predictable braking in all conditions, and it’s gentle steering geometry make it a very relaxing bike to ride whatever the road or track conditions.

The powerful ION 80Nm Middle Motor – designed and built by Sparta – is near silent and sealed against the elements.

The amount of assistance it provides is directly proportional to the amount of pressure you put on the pedal – you are in complete control: press gently on the pedals and the bike will whiz you along at speed, stop pedaling and your e-bike will simply coast to a halt – it’s just like riding a manual bike, only much easier and much more fun!


Sparta M8i_stepthrough electric bike motor


Battery & Range:

There are 4 battery options: 300, 400, 500, or 600Wh (Watt Hours). Choose the smaller one if you plan to do only shorter trips, or the 600Wh if you need to travel 100+ miles before stopping to recharge.

Sparta electric bike battery  

The following ranges (Km) are achievable under normal riding conditions, use the minimum range as a guide for hilly and or stop-start environments, the maximum as a guide for range between charges in flat open terrain.


POWER SETTING       300Wh Battery       400Wh Battery       500Wh Battery       600Wh Battery

ECO 55-120 70-160 90-200 105-230
CRUISE 35-75 45-100 60-125 70-150
TOUR 30-70 40-90 50-115 60-135
SPORT 25-60 35-80 45-100 55-115
POWER 20-50 30-70 40-85 15-100


SPARTA are the most successful electric bike producer in Europe, by a huge margin.

They enjoy the No.1 spot in Holland, Germany, Belgium, Austria and France where their e-bikes win design awards year after year. How have they achieved this international success? …simple, by making electric bikes that exceed the expectations of their home market, Holland, where today hundreds of thousands of Dutch men and women are whizzing about on Sparta e-bikes. The Dutch know a thing or two about cycling – if they think a Sparta offers better value and performance than all the others, then it’s quite likely the rest of the word will too!

Sparta’s e-bike designers begin with a clean sheet of paper on which they write the following: Reliability; Security; Style; Ease of use; Silence; Comfort; Performance; and above all, Value for Money. Have they delivered? Clare and I think so.


sparta electric bike technology


For each and every one of the 8 years we’ve been supplying and servicing Sparta electric bikes to customers in the UK they have been way ahead of their competitors: Like other world-leading technology companies such as Apple & Samsung, Sparta have managed to take mid-bogglingly complex engineering and package it in reliable and easy to use products:

  • No other e-bikes have built in mechanical security locks and personal electronic immobilisers
  • No other e-bikes have powerful silent motors that automatically turn into dynamos to power lights if you ever have a flat battery
  • No other electric bikes incorporate a switch-less regenerative braking system to recoup energy when you’re descending steep hills.

Sparta electric bikes UK home page image

Sparta started with the advantage of decades of experience producing “SpartaMets” – those peculiar contraptions that combine a bicycle with a small petrol engine hidden within the rear wheel – a few of which can still be heard buzzing around the streets of Amsterdam today. We have a 1972 vintage SpartaMet in our Suffolk showroom – come and try it, its great fun!

Justebikes Sparta electric bike shop inside


Sparta electric bikes in cafe location mojoAs advances in battery and electric motor technology developed to a point where comparable range and power could be achieved without the din and smoke of a two-stroke engine, Sparta made the natural leap to e-bikes.

With this wealth of powered bicycle experience behind them they developed a range of beautifully engineered e-bikes that meet the requirements and expectations of discerning customers of all ages and tastes. For example, some Sparta e-bikes have batteries hidden away in their frame so they look like conventional bikes. Some have removable batteries so they can be un-clipped and recharged alongside the toaster up in a 7th floor flat. All have built in mechanical locks and many have electronic immobilisers. All have powerful and silent maintenance-free motors.

In seeking out the best e-bikes available I visit many factories. I’m at Sparta’s headquarters in Apeldoorn at least twice a year and each time I’m surprised by some new manufacturing process, or advance in technology. Sparta, you see, are ahead of the game by at least two years. But one thing never changes: the Dutch men and women that operate their state-of-the-art production line, man the phones, print the brochures, and make the coffee, are happy and proud of their work. They may not sport wooden clogs these days, but the sight of a smiling Dutch workforce doing what they’ve done best for centuries is somehow reassuring in this modern age. Producing 21st century vehicles built on the same ‘Quality First and Last’ ethos as their 1930’s machines, that’s something special indeed.

When we deliver your Sparta e-bike our staff will take time and care to ensure the seat, handlebar and controls are perfectly adjusted to suit your size and riding style. Once everything is perfectly positioned you will be able to appreciate the real value of a Sparta electric bike – an invisible hand pushing you up every hill, the hidden technology that’s so subtle you’ll think you’re bionic, all the pleasures of cycling without the sweat!


Sparta makingin quality bikes since 1917


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SPARTA make 56 different models of electric bike, each designed to meet a specific need – if you would like us to help you find the perfect Sparta for you please email or call Clare or James on 0208 960 9848 (London), 01728 830 817 (Suffolk), or Martin at our Midlands branch on 0116 3666 980 (Leicester).

All of our electric bikes are fully assembled, checked and road-tested by our expert staff prior to delivery.

High quality electric bikes last for many years so it’s important you get the one that’s right for you – but there are so many to chose from! Online research can help you narrow the options but by far the best way to ensure you’re making the right choice is to visit one of our branches, discuss you needs with one of our friendly experts, and test-ride one or all of the many brands and models we stock – there’s no substitute for spending time in the saddle!  Once you’ve made your choice you can ride your new e-bike away. Don’t worry if you can’t spare the time or are just too far from one of our shops, we’ll be happy to help you choose over the phone or via email and deliver your e-bike to your home at a time that best suits you.

▶ Personal Home Delivery

no brown box delivery1

If you choose this option our experienced staff will deliver your electric bike in person to your door fully assembled and tested at a pre-arranged time, and will work with you to ensure every thing is perfectly adjusted to suit your size and preferred riding style before that all-important test ride. We’ll spend time with you to make sure you’re happy with your choice and understand all its features, so be ready to put the kettle on!

After your test ride, when everything has been fine-tuned to your liking and you are comfortable with your e-bike we will fit any accessories you may have ordered – or those you might already have – a favourite old saddle perhaps, a particular bell, or pair of trusted hand-me-down panniers.

Only when we are certain you are completely confident in your e-bike choice and understand how everything works will we leave you to enjoy your new found freedom.

The cost of this personal service varies depending on your location and whether you would prefer evening or weekend delivery, please email or telephone us for an estimate.

Note: After you have inspected the bike, found it to be in good working order, and agreed that this is the right bike for you, the sale will be complete. If we have delivered in person please be sure you are happy with everything before we leave as we cannot accept returns once our delivery staff have driven away unless the e-bike can been shown to have a design or manufacturing fault. We then retain the right to determine the appropriate remedy, be that on-site repair or replacement of a part, a replacement electric bike, or full or partial refund. If the reason you decide not to accept the bike could have been established easily before you ordered it (e.g. you ordered a white bike and later decided you prefer black), we reserve the right to make reasonable charges for delivery and or any work done to the bike prior to delivery.

▶ Evening and weekend delivery:

Because few of us are at home during working hours these days, we offer the option of our personal home delivery service on Saturdays and Sundays, and evenings during the week.

The cost of this personal service varies depending on your location and whether you would prefer evening or weekend delivery, please email or telephone us for an estimate.

▶ Courier Delivery

Before being delivered via courier your e-bike will be fully assembled and road tested. Once we’re happy with all aspects of its performance we will carefully pack it in a sturdy box ready for shipping.  Please note that the pedals are removed and handlebar rotated inline with the frame for packing so these will need to be fitted and adjusted on arrival. This is simple to do but should you like reassurance we will happily talk you through the process over the phone, we can also arrange a phone-call with your local, trusted bike mechanic if you decide you would rather give the job to them.


Telephone: 01728 830 817 (Suffolk), 0208 960 9848 (London), 0116 3666 980 (Midlands)


no brown box delivery1


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