Hercules NOS SPORT 27.5 Plus

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The HERCULES NOS SPORT 27.5 Plus features the high-torque 90Nm BROSE motor, 120mm Rocks Shox XCR AIR suspension (with lock-out), Shimano BR-M395 hydraulic disc brakes and the 20 speed Shimano Deore gear system. As with all BROSE powered e-bikes, when switched off or at speeds over 27.5kmh the 90 Nm BROSE e-bike drive system is disengaged completely so has zero pedaling resistance.

If you’d like a test-ride please call in at our London, Leicester or Suffolk branches, or email to arrange a date.

Motor Power
Battery Location
In Frame, removable
< 110
Battery Chemistry
and Capacity

Li-Ion, 650 Wh
(37 Volt x 17.5Ah)

650 37 17.5

Electric bike frame size guide

Inside leg range Frame size
24 - 29" (61 - 74cm) 14" (35.56cm)
25 - 30" (64 - 76cm) 15" (38.1cm)
26 - 31" (66 - 78cm) 16" (40.64cm)
27 - 32" (69 - 81cm) 17" (43.18cm)
28 - 33" (71 - 84cm) 18" (45.72cm)
29 - 34" (74 - 86cm) 19" (48.26cm)
30 - 35" (76 - 88cm) 20" (50.8cm)
31 - 35" (79 - 88cm) 21" (53.34cm)
32 - 37" (81 - 94cm) 22" (55.88cm)
33 - 37" (84 - 94cm) 23" (58.42cm)


Hercules Nos_Sport_electric mountain bike



Rotwild electric bike motorWith a whopping 90Nm BROSE toque on tap it has a huge power advantage over its non-Brose rivals.

The beating heart of this HERCULES is the peerless BROSE S Drive Unit. For 2018 the Brose has new software giving more low-speed torque and smoother power delivery across all speed ranges. Its main ingredients are aluminum, magnesium, experience, enthusiasm and …helical epicyclic gears! Designed in Germany, its made there too.

Where other well known e-bike motors are built to a price point, the Brose S is designed and manufactured to a quality standard, incorporating precision engineered helical epicyclic gears. These are much more expensive to manufacture but offer dramatic performance and wear rate improvements over the cheaper spur gear tooth profiles that the completion use.

In the simplest terms spur gears transfer power from the driving gear to the driven gear via only one or two teeth at a time, whereas with helical gears power is transferred by three connecting teeth at a time. This results in less wear, less noise, less friction and a smaller and lighter drive unit.

Despite its small physical size the BROSE S produces a market leading 90 newton meters of torque. It does this quietly, reliably and without fuss. The company’s sensor concept is the only one of its kind on the market today: it measures rider pedal force no fewer than 420 times a second, delivering smooth, vibration free assistance.

Brose Drive Technology is a division of the Brose Group, one of the most innovative and successful suppliers to the international automotive industry, employing some 22,000 employees – 2,500 of them engineers – at 57 locations in 23 countries around the world. Their annual turnover exceeds €5 billion. Last year Brose manufactured 100 million electric motors. They know what they’re doing.

Decades of experience specialising in mechatronic systems for the automotive sector mean they’re perfectly placed to produce this innovative e-bike drive unit. Development and production of the Brose e-bike motor is carried out entirely in-house at their Berlin engine plant, where a dedicated team of engineers design, build and test the system at their purpose built e-bike center of excellence .



The removable Li-Ion battery is integrated into the aluminum bottom tube, ensuring the lowest possible center of gravity, and at a class-leading 650Wh the battery will drive you further than any other electric MTB in it’s class. It’s not just me! Many of our customers have had first hand experience of the Brose motor efficiency – of course the range between re-charges on a BULLS is greater than any of its competitors because it has a higher capacity battery, but that does not explain how a HERCULES with 30% more power than its rivals can run flat out for so long on one charge. Clearly, much of its range advantage is down to the efficiency of the Brose drive unit.



Integrated dot-matrix display

Excellent readability in sunlight

Adaptive display illumination


Support level

State of charge


Software update via USB

Automatic light

 Bluetooth connection to Smartphone





Hercules Nos Sport eMTB gears



The Shimano Deore system is slightly heavier than XT/XTR and a little less precise but it’s a great option for those not wishing to splash out on XTR or XT gear sets.



The new DEORE dérailleur blend powerful performance with precise shifting.

Hercules Nos Sport eMTB gears 1


Consistent performance in all conditions

Accurate chain position in every gear

Low-profile design keeps dérailleur safely away from trail obstacles  









▶  Shifter Shimano Deore Rapidfire

With its advanced ergonomics the new DEORE  shifter delivers seamless control and instant response. 

deore rapidfire

Ergonomic rotary shift lever design matches natural hand movement

Short stroke, perfect click levers provide faster, more accurate shifting







Hercules Nos Sport eMTB suspension


 Rock Shox.

The Rock Shoxs Solo AIR fork features revised oil flow to improve control and consistency, improved linear damping and redesigned seals to reduce friction. Ultra durable coating ensures dependable performance through the seasons and anodized adjusters enable you to tune the ride to your liking.




 Shimano M395

Huge braking performance and low weight doesn’t have to be expensive! The M395 system provides good power and sensitivity even on the most difficult terrain.



This electric mountain bike has an inductive transfer Monkey Link system built-in! Monkey Link makes it possible to fit a range of accessories such as bicycle lights and mudguards with built in lights to the bike with no additional electrical connections – accessories such as front and rear lights are powered from the electric bike’s main battery via electromagnetic Inductive transfer.



Frame 7005 aluminium
Frame Size 41/44/49/54 cm
Fork Rock  Air, boost, tapered, 120 mm, 15 mm through Axle.
Rear Shock N/A
Drive Train BROSE 90Nm 250/500wh
Gears Shimano Deore 20-Speed
Shifters Shimano Deore
Cassette Shimano Deore
Brakes Shimano BR-M395, hydraulic Disc
Handlebar MTB DB, Semi Riser, oversized
Stem A-Head, Aluminium
Seat post N/A
Saddle Ergon SM30
Hubs Through Axles, 15 mm front, 12mm rear
Rims Aluminium, 27+
Wheel size 27.5+
Tyres Schwalbe Smart SAM  65-584, Evolution
Pedals Platform, Alloy.


Specifications correct at product launch date and may vary during production year.

Hercules Nos_Sport_electric mountain bike

All of our electric bikes are fully assembled, checked and road-tested by our expert staff prior to delivery.

High quality electric bikes last for many years so it’s important you get the one that’s right for you – but there are so many to chose from! Online research can help you narrow the options but by far the best way to ensure you’re making the right choice is to visit one of our branches, discuss you needs with one of our friendly experts, and test-ride one or all of the many brands and models we stock – there’s no substitute for spending time in the saddle!  Once you’ve made your choice you can ride your new e-bike away. Don’t worry if you can’t spare the time or are just too far from one of our shops, we’ll be happy to help you choose over the phone or via email and deliver your e-bike to your home at a time that best suits you.

▶ Personal Home Delivery

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If you choose this option our experienced staff will deliver your electric bike in person to your door fully assembled and tested at a pre-arranged time, and will work with you to ensure every thing is perfectly adjusted to suit your size and preferred riding style before that all-important test ride. We’ll spend time with you to make sure you’re happy with your choice and understand all its features, so be ready to put the kettle on!

After your test ride, when everything has been fine-tuned to your liking and you are comfortable with your e-bike we will fit any accessories you may have ordered – or those you might already have – a favourite old saddle perhaps, a particular bell, or pair of trusted hand-me-down panniers.

Only when we are certain you are completely confident in your e-bike choice and understand how everything works will we leave you to enjoy your new found freedom.

The cost of this personal service varies depending on your location and whether you would prefer evening or weekend delivery, please email or telephone us for an estimate.

Note: After you have inspected the bike, found it to be in good working order, and agreed that this is the right bike for you, the sale will be complete. If we have delivered in person please be sure you are happy with everything before we leave as we cannot accept returns once our delivery staff have driven away unless the e-bike can been shown to have a design or manufacturing fault. We then retain the right to determine the appropriate remedy, be that on-site repair or replacement of a part, a replacement electric bike, or full or partial refund. If the reason you decide not to accept the bike could have been established easily before you ordered it (e.g. you ordered a white bike and later decided you prefer black), we reserve the right to make reasonable charges for delivery and or any work done to the bike prior to delivery.

▶ Evening and weekend delivery:

Because few of us are at home during working hours these days, we offer the option of our personal home delivery service on Saturdays and Sundays, and evenings during the week.

The cost of this personal service varies depending on your location and whether you would prefer evening or weekend delivery, please email or telephone us for an estimate.

▶ Courier Delivery

Before being delivered via courier your e-bike will be fully assembled and road tested. Once we’re happy with all aspects of its performance we will carefully pack it in a sturdy box ready for shipping.  Please note that the pedals are removed and handlebar rotated inline with the frame for packing so these will need to be fitted and adjusted on arrival. This is simple to do but should you like reassurance we will happily talk you through the process over the phone, we can also arrange a phone-call with your local, trusted bike mechanic if you decide you would rather give the job to them.


Telephone: 01728 830 817 (Suffolk), 0208 960 9848 (London), 0116 3666 980 (Midlands)
Email: info@justebikes.co.uk


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