Kate’s Story: An e-bike For Whatever Life Throws at You.

7 years ago when Kate‘s third child was born she decided to explore the idea of an electrically assisted bike. Kate lives in rural Suffolk and she wanted to continue to use a bike for the 6 mile round trip to and from school but the weight of a third child made the load too heavy… Read more »

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The Labours of Hercules

Hercules was celebrated as an extraordinary mortal who, through strength and endurance, succeeded in winning a place amongst the gods – worth bearing in mind as his namesake whizzes you to the top of your own Mount Olympus! A good electrically assisted bike is a considerable investment and it is worth taking the time to… Read more »

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Hövding, the Swedish airbag for cyclists, has partnered with Justebikes, one of the UK’s leading e-bike retailers.

Hövding, the revolutionary Swedish airbag for cyclists, announced a partnership with Justebikes. The partnership highlights the changing shift in cycling attitudes in the UK, with safety and convenience now the key focus points for urban cyclists. Launched in 2012, a Hövding is worn around the neck and reads a cyclist’s body movements at 200 times… Read more »

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