Electric Bike Servicing

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Planning  preventative maintenance at regular intervals is much better to keep your electric bike in good working order – far better than simply reacting to problems as and when they occur.

Our high quality e-bikes require very little maintenance – typically once every 3,000 miles. Most of our customers enjoy the excuse to visit the beautiful Suffolk coast or London’s eclectic Portobello Road when they feel the time is right to have brakes checked, gears adjusted, or their e-bike’s software updated. Don’t worry if you can’t spare the time or are just too far from one of our shops, we’ll gladly call at your home to service your e-bike.

 Home Servicing

Convenient dates for a home service visit can be arranged via email, telephone, or with our staff when we deliver your bike.  By choosing our on-site service option you’ll have the peace of mind that potential problems are likely to be identified and dealt with before they arise, thereby helping ensure your e-bike is safe and in good working order. In the unlikely event that an unexpected problem arises – for example a puncture or broken front light – simply call or email us to bring forward a scheduled service and we will visit and carry out repairs.

 Workshop Servicing

If you would prefer to bring your e-bike to one of our specialist e-bike workshops for servicing, the cost is £48 plus VAT.

Telephone: 01728 830 817 (Suffolk), 0208 960 9848 (London), 0116 3666 980 (Midlands)
Email: info@justebikes.co.uk