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Rotwild electric mountain bikes are years ahead of the competition: They’re more powerful, they’re stronger, they’re lighter, and they can travel further between charges. Rotwild have grafted the amazing new BROSE e-bike motor into their aluminium-carbon composite monocoque frame. The result is simply astonishing: Rotwild beats the competition hands-down.



About Rotwild

Rotwild electrc mountain bike  logo

Winners of the International Design & Innovation Award 2016:

Earlier this year Rotwild’s X Series electric mountain bike won the prestigious International Design and Innovation Award. A 40 member team of experts judged it an  outstanding bike and a major step forward in electric mountain biking.

Rotwild win international design award 2016

 For 14 days a panel of international journalists, designers, engineers, World Cup racers and marketing experts analyzed and tested the ROTWILD e- MTB R.X + FS 27.5 against over 100 of the best available products in the bike industry. The Jury’s view:

“ROTWILD’s R.X + is an exceptional bike whose potent rear triangle with 140 mm chassis and Plus tyres provides excelent riding performance. By default it comes with normal tires, but we recommend the use of Plus tires: The gain in traction and riding safety is immense! Coupled with the high capacity of 518 Wh battery and the potent Fox chassis nothing can compete with this electric mountain bike.”

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Rotwild electric mountain bikes have been designed by engineers for maximum performance. In 2015 Rotwild were the only manufacturer to have grafted the amazing new BROSE e-bike motor into their aluminium-carbon composite monocoque frame, for 2016 its even better, the result is simply astonishing. Rotwild beats the competition hands-down.

Rotwilds are stronger:

Rotwild’s uni-directional Carbon Fiber / 6066 T6 Alloy monocoque frame make for the most rigid e-bike frame in the world. The most distinctive feature of the new Rotwild hybrid mountain bike is the Integrated Power Unit (IPU). This part of the bike combines the magnesium motor casing with the carbon composite battery pack to form a rigid structural element, connecting bottom bracket to head stock like they’ve never been connected before. This state-of-the-art ingenuity never usually gets beyond the perimeter of a McLaren or Williams Formula One research and design center. It makes the Rotwild the stiffest electric mountain bike in the world; it won’t twist, buckle, or bend no matter how hard you’re riding it, no matter high you’re jumping it. Unbeatable.

 Rotwild electric mountain bikesrotwild-e1+-fs-27-5-performance electric mountain bike

Rotwilds are lighter – the RC1 weighs in at just 17.8kg, 14% less than its nearest rival.

Despite having lower power batteries, the C1’s nearest rivals are much heavier: The Moustache Samedi 29er is 20.1kg, the Haibike Bosch XD Hard Nine 20.6Kg, and the Haibike Yamaha SD HardNine weighs in at 21.1kg.

How have Rotwild achieved this feat?   The secret is in engineering nous and use of the very latest materials and production technology: The IPU bottom tube battery housing is built up using multiple uni-directional per-impregnated carbon fiber layers of precisely defined weights, each carefully orientated to follow the load-paths generated from the hardest riding. Thickness of the carbon bottom tube is varied throughor-c1+-ht-29-evout its section – not to thin, not too thick –  but just the right number of layers to achieve the maximum possible rigidity and lowest possible weight.

The IPU is formed and bonded to other fame components using a high-performance ‘closed-mold’ process (cheaper carbon frames use the inferior ‘open-mold’ system). This process requires over 70 individual molds to make Rotwild’s three carbon frame types. It works: these material and process choices have delivered successes on the toughest race courses, and demonstrated clear performance advantages at the pinnacle of international competitions, including trophies galore at the Olympics Games and victory in the XC World Championships.  attest to the capabilities of Rotwild bikes.r-q1+-fs-27-5-evo

Aluminium elements of the frame are equally exceptional; formed from 6066 alloy heat treated to Condition T6, this aluminum alloy is stronger and lighter than the standard  7020 T6 used by most MTB makers. It’s improved characteristics are significantly higher tensile strength (around 30 %), and much greater resistance against bending, compression, and shear loads (around 40 % greater).

In short, if you choose a Rotwild you wont be sending your frame back to us in five years riddled with fatigue fractures, but even if you did, it’d be 14% cheaper to post!

The Rotwild is more powerful – with a whopping 90Nm on tap it has a 29% power advantage over its nearest rival.

Rotwild electric bike motor

The beating heart of a Rotwild is the peerless BROSE 2.0 Drive Unit. Its main ingredients are  aluminium, magnesium, experience, and enthusiasm. Unlike other well known e-bike motors this one is not just designed in Germany, its made there too.

Rotwild’s competitors use either a Yamaha or Bosch motor – these are not only heavier and bulkier than the BROSE motor – for example on the Bosch unit there’s no space for a 2nd chainwheel – but they are also considerably weaker: Torque for the Yamaha unit is 70Nm and for the Bosch its only 60Nm. The table below show the impact this has on all-important Power to Weight Ratios.


How do they compare?

Rotwild logo Brose electric bike motor logo small moustache bosch electric bike logo haibike bosch electric bike logo haibike yamaha electric bike logo
Power: 90 Nm 40/60 Nm 40/60 Nm 70 Nm
Weight: 17.8 Kg  20.1 Kg 20.6 Kg 21.1 Kg
Power to Weight Ratio (Nm/kg):
5.06  1.99 / 2.98  1.94 / 2.91  3.31 

Compared to its competitors (eg Haibike) Rotwild electric mountain bikes have much greater ground clearance:


Rotwild compared to Haibike

Despite its small physical size the BROSE 2.0 produces a market leading 90 newton meters of torque. It does this quietly, reliably and without fuss. The company’s sensor concept is the only one of its kind on the market today: it measures rider pedal force no fewer than 420 times a second, delivering smooth, vibration free assistance. Production began in July 2014 and by August this year the Rotwild/Brose test team had covered 69’445 miles of Brose e-bike motor shaftarduous Alpine trails. Brose Drive Technology is a division of the Brose Group, one of the most innovative and successful suppliers to the international automotive industry, employing some 22,000 employees  – 2,500 of them engineers – at 57 locations in 23 countries around the world. Their annual turnover exceeds €5 billion. Last year Brose manufactured 100 million electric motors. They know what they’re doing.

Decades of experience specialising in mechatronic systems for the automotive sector mean they’re perfectly placed to produce this innovative e-bike drive unit. Development and production of the Brose e-bike motor is carried out entirely in-house at their Berlin engine plant, where a dedicated team of engineers design, build and test the system at their purpose built e-bike center of excellence .

The Rotwild goes further than the rest, at least 15% further than its nearest rival.

The Li-Ion battery is integrated into the carbon fiber bottom tube, ensuring the lowest possible center of gravity, and at 460Wh the battery will get you at least 15% further than than other electric MTBs.

MTB ledgend Richie Schley shows how to do it on a ROTWILD:


In Late January we visited Rotwild’s design and production center in Frankfurt where the team showed off the cutting-edge design manufacturing processes behind the range of Rotwild electric mountain bikes. Here are some photos we took, for full size images please click this About Rotwild link.


Here are some videos Rotwild have produced to show how their electric bike technology works, and how it beats the competition:


Here are some videos showing the partnership between Mercedes-AMG and ROTWILD:

And finally, here are some of the clever folk that make and ride ROTWILD MTBs:

Rotwild makers and riders