London TimeOut beats the traffic on a Rotwild Q1+ electric MTB


Time Out’s Katie Dailey tests the speed of a ROTWILD eMTB from London Bridge to Trafalgar Square…

As the weather gets warmer, the prospect of a sweaty, humid tube journey becomes less and less appealing. But what are the fair-weather alternatives? Well, there’s cycling, but that requires a degree of fitness, and in the summer months, a half-hour cycle is no less sweaty than a trip on the Central line.

No, what we need is technology. Glorious, expensive, labour-saving technology. Futuristic gizmos that can whizz us across town in the blink of an eye. TimeOut raced four alternative modes of transport from London Bridge to Trafalgar Square. Let’s see how they did!

Katie’s Rotwild Q1+ electric mountain bike whizzed her from Borough High Street to Trafalgar Square in 16 min – compared to 55min on a bus! Pretty good even if we came 2nd place to an e-skateboard (very suspicious!). I know which one I’d rather commute on.