Customer Reviews

Kate. C, Thorpeness, Sparta RX+ electric bike

We live in rural Suffolk and our primary school is 3 miles away – with no footpath beside the road.

My Sparta e-bike has made it possible for me to continue taking all 3 children on the school run, carry heavy shopping, hugely reduce my need for a car and helped us all have some fresh air and exercise. I have the youngest in a child seat on my handlebars (he loves to see ahead), with a windshield, then the other 2 on a tandem trail-a-bike behind, where they can pedal and help me along! For shopping trips I switch the trail-a-bike for the trailer which I can load with a weekly shop. Or I can detach and just ride solo. I love the option to go very fast using full electric power assistance or choosing to pedal under my own steam to improve my fitness.

Taking the bike gives the children the chance to learn road sense, skills that will give them (and me) confidence in their own road use. I am thrilled with how much more healthy, ecological and economical it is to use the e-bike. And it is fast, it only adds 5 minutes onto our journey time to school.