Electric Delivery Bikes

electric bike food delivery for london businesses


Why choose electric delivery bikes?

Electric delivery bikes are fast, inexpensive to buy, and cost almost nothing to run, offering all the benefits of petrol powered scooters with none of the pollution, noise and taxes. They can increase your company’s brand value, and are a great way of encouraging your riders and the wider community towards air pollution-free transport.


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Electric delivery bikes offer many advantages over petrol powered scooters:


Electric delivery e-bikes look similar to ordinary e-bikes, but have a rechargeable battery, an electric motor and a control system. The level of assistance is directly proportional to the amount of pressure applied to the pedals – just like riding a bike, only easier. Our Dutch, German and Danish built delivery e-bikes emit 0.0036 kgCO2/km and we can supply off-grid solar charging stations for those organisations wishing to reduce this to zero.

There is no requirement for crash helmet, license, registration or payment of road tax. They can travel at 17.3mph for 50 miles on a single charge that costs as little as 2p, and are supplied fully equipped with safety lights and built-in mechanical security locks.


Why choose Justebikes?

Justebikes has been the UK’s leading independent provider of quality European-made electric bikes for the last ten years. In 2014 we began to apply our expertise to the supply of serviced fleets of electric delivery bikes. As with our consumer facing business, we focus on quality European made e-bikes that offer good value and proven reliability. Electrically assisted bikes are widely used as delivery vehicles across mainland Europe and our carefully selected range are fully compliant with all European and UK regulations.

Our purpose-built electric delivery bikes are designed for businesses that need to deliver small to medium loads around our congested towns and cities. We offer a tailor made service to meet each client’s requirements, be they large or small, including  pre-sales advice, onsite user training, and preventative maintenance packages.





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Quantity £ Per e-Bike £ Per Battery (300Wh) £ Per Battery (400Wh)
101 < 900.00 299.00 399.00
21 < 917.00
6 < 957.00
1 < 999.00
Prices based on SPARTA electric delivery bike including 300Wh battery (as per example below) and exclude VAT. Please call for prices of other models in our range.
Mojo_Electric_black electric delivery bike



Servicing and Staff Training

Scheduled preventative maintenance is an essential part of operating a dependable fleet of delivery e-bikes. We offer return to base and onsite servicing at pre-arranged quarterly intervals. Our trained technicians will carry out safety checks, replace any wearing parts, and attend to any repairs needed, they will also provide your staff with guidance on e-bike care and safe operation.
Please call our London branch to discuss the service options and tariffs that will best suit your business. 0208 960 9848.


Emergency Support Option

Regular preventative maintenance is the most cost effective way of ensuring your core business runs smoothly and is uninterrupted by vehicle break down, however from time to time the unexpected happens!

In the unlikely event your deliver-e-bike suffers accidental damage rendering it unfit for purpose between scheduled service intervals a complete replacement deliver-e-bike will be dispatched directly to your restaurant within 24hrs.

Our technician will collect the replacement e-bike and repair the damaged unit at the next scheduled service visit.

Please call our London branch to discuss emergency support tariffs 0208 960 9848.



Delivery Box Platforms

We can supply and fit box platforms to your delivery bikes. These are constructed from aluminium honeycomb composite materials giving very high strength while keeping weight to an absolute minimum. Our box platforms can be fitted to the front and or rear of the bike and are designed to accommodate all box designs with ease.

Cost from: £ 59.00  per unit.


Delivery Boxes

There are a wide range of insulated and non-insulated boxes on the market, many of which can be adapted for front and or rear attachment to our deliver-e-bikes, including those constructed in fiberglass, polystyrene and corrugated plastic. All can be supplied with interchangeable or permanent branding.

Cost from: £ 44.00  per unit.




Justebikes.co.uk can provide high quality electric delivery bikes and on-site servicing to takeaway food business throughout Europe.



Our Pan-European operation enables your business to benefit from economies of scale, continuity of product and service level, and single-supplier efficiencies. If you would like to discuss how we can support your multi-national on demand food delivery business please call James FitzGerald on 0208 960 9848.