Our Promise

Nationwide home delivery. 

Whether you buy from our online store or from one of our shops, we will deliver your e-bike in person, fully assembled and tested, at a time of your choosing. Our trained staff will spend time with you to ensure you are familiar and comfortable with all aspects of your e-bike’s operation.

Your e-bike won’t arrive in a nondescript brown box at some random time between 8am and 5pm; we will deliver it in person, fully assembled and tested, using our own vehicles and our trained staff, and at an hour of your choosing. We don’t leave you struggling to interpret poorly written user guides – our staff will spend time with you to ensure you are familiar and comfortable with all aspects of your e-bike’s operation.

Money back if you’re not completely satisfied. 

Once we are sure you are happy and confident with all aspects of your e-bike, and everything has been adjusted perfectly to suit your size and preferred riding style, you will be able to test it up your hill, through your streets, and around your neighborhood. If after this first test ride you are not completely satisfied, we will either return another day with a model that does meet your expectations and requirements, or give you a full refund – the choice is yours.

Note: If the reason you decide not to accept the bike could have been established easily before you ordered it (eg order a white bike and decide you prefer black only after we have delivered it) we reserve the right to make reasonable charges for delivery and any work done to the bike prior to delivery.


Home Servicing

Our high quality e-bikes require very little maintenance – typically once every 3,000 miles. Most of our customers enjoy the excuse to visit the beautiful Suffolk coast or London’s eclectic Portobello Road when they feel the time is right to have brakes checked, gears adjusted, or their e-bike’s software updated. Don’t worry if you can’t spare the time or are just too far from one of our shops, we’ll gladly call at your home to service your e-bike.

So, whatever your budget, before buying an e-bike please telephone or call in at either our London, Midlands or Suffolk showrooms to learn more and to test ride any and all of our fine Dutch, German and Danish electric bikes – it’s FREE!

…don’t worry if its raining – in our London and Midlands showrooms we have a simulator so you can take a tour of the Italian Alps on a quality electric bike without getting wet.

See the Service Packages we offer.

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