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Customer Reviews

  • ...the experience that followed was powerful and completely changed the way I thought about bikes ...on the hottest day of the year, on my 8 mile ride back to Peckham, I didn’t even break a sweat. More »

    – THE MEMO – Scared cyclist? How an e-bike helped me conquer the capital

  • Justebikes has firmly rooted our cynical outlook on London biking. Having test-driven a bike around a Portobello block, we can only compare it to being in a Ferrari after you’ve had a Fiat for 10 years; the accelerating thrust of power had us hooked in seconds. More »

    – West London’s CORNER Magazine reviews Justebikes London electric bike shop

  • When a retailer doesn’t want to delve too deep into the nitty gritty of their business it’s for one of two reasons; there’s either cobwebs adorning the brake levers on the shop floor, or they’re onto something too good to give up the recipe for. With Justebikes, there are no cobwebs in sight in the light and welcoming Portabello Road branch. More »

    – London electric bike shop review by CYCLING INDUSTRY NEWS